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More than a Marketplace

The world of blockchain, Web 3.0, and crypto is fragmented and widespread. Most hirings are done based on referrals, which simply doesn’t cut it.

Semoto is a community marketplace where you can rely on your peers to find the most experienced service providers, compare offers and engage in discussions directly with the providers.

Semoto community marketplace

Popular Providers


Create and write tokenomics


Secure your business


Create a new vehicle


Accounting and reporting


Build with confidence


When you want to search for a top blockchain lawyer, discover the most skilled tax advisor in crypto, or even build from the ground up by finding the best Web3 consultant, Semoto is here for you.

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For Clients:

Avoid wasting your time and money on hiring the wrong service providers.

  • Browse from our network of pre-vetted providers, explore multiple offers and choose the one that suits your budget.

  • Access a wide community of businesses and entrepreneurs that can share their experience and advice.

  • Professional ranking and comments for each service provider, to help you choose trustworthy professionals.

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For Providers:

Grow your network and bring your expertise to a much wider audience.

  • Save time dealing with professional clients, with a crystal clear scope of work and needs, all pre-vetted by our team.

  • Sales support to help you meet clients’ demands, book meetings, and collect precious data from your clients.

  • Develop long-lasting partnerships with businesses and entrepreneurs using our ever-expanding network.

Join Semoto's community marketplace


Create your profile and tell us more about the nature of your project.


Browse from the largest digital service provider network in the industry and use our intuitive filtering functions to find the best one for your needs.


Save time collecting multiple quotes, comparing and negotiating them in a private and efficient way.

Your Digital Advisor

Semoto has a team of the most experienced professionals in the industry on deck to help you navigate this market with ease.


If you can’t find the right providers, if you need to combine and coordinate multiple solutions at the same time, we are here to support you.

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