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The World's first

Digital Asset Service Marketplace

About Semoto

The world of Blockchain, Crypto and Web3 is fragmented and hard to navigate. Choosing the right partner can be a painful process. Businesses waste time, money and end up hiring the wrong people.

At Semoto, we’ve created a community marketplace that facilitates the selection of the best providers, without causing delays and unnecessary costs.


Semoto exists to allow digital service providers, businesses, and entrepreneurs to connect, create long-lasting partnerships, and collaborate with confidence knowing that both parties have been pre-vetted and accurately rated by our team and other users.


When you are looking for the best blockchain lawyer, structure a crypto fund, or select a Web3 payment provider, we’ll work with you to make the connections that make the difference.

Our Values

In a world in which complexity seems to be the norm, we go in the other direction by keeping things as simple as they can possibly be.


By only connecting you with service providers that we have vetted, we give you the peace of mind that makes all the difference.

We have developed a two-way comments and ranking system that evaluates both the providers and clients, giving everyone a completely trustworthy process.



At Semoto, clients can optimize the selection process, saving time and money byhiring the right providers in record time. Providers can gain more traffic and simplify their sales process while collecting valuable data.


By facilitating the adoption of Blockchain and the creation of Nfts and Tokens, we can advance the growth of the industry as a whole, and introduce a new standard for transparency and efficiency.


Because we focus only on what matters, we’re able to simplify and streamline the digital revolution so you can make smart, strategic choices with ease.


We’re proud to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of the crypto world for the very first time.


Our Team

Behind the scenes, a group of financial, crypto, and blockchain experts maintain the community marketplace. Our job is to help you establish new relationships and make sure that businesses and entrepreneurs can always find the right providers for them and vice versa.

Tailor-made Solutions

We understand that not all digital asset projects are equal, which is why we’re offering a complete consultancy and advisory services to find the best blockchain service providers for you, help you get the best quotes, and connect the dots on your behalf.

No matter how complex your needs are, our process is quick, easy, and effective, with the final result being you finding the crypto service providers that can fit your needs, allowing you to make timely, better-informed decisions.


When you want to search for a top blockchain lawyer, discover the most skilled tax advisor in crypto, or even build from the ground up by finding the best Web3 consultant, Semoto is here for you.

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